Using at ATM: 3 lessons I learned at the ATM spot this morning

I was hungry this morning and I realized I need to cash some money for other purposes too, so I left for an ATM spot to make withdraws.

I met a long queue at an ATM spot.

Then I told the last person that I’m behind him as normal tradition we used to say now. Lol

Then I stood at one corner pressing my fone.

Noticed the queue isn’t moving..

My mind sensed that some people who need 2weeks seminar training on how to use an ATM must have been in charge..

The rest on the queue start screaming, “bros what’s it now, if e no work let another person use it abeg”.

Then I stepped forward and openly asked the guy wetin be the problem..

He said the machine is running but only taking too long.

Then after mins… The card was let out with Issuer whatever.. Lol

I stepped aside..

Then the next person stepped in – a woman.

After 2mins, she said machine is not dispensing.

Others shouted haaa..

I saw some folks like two to three people leaving the queue.

As I look am, something told me na insufficient credit the woman see.. Lol

May be na person wey no get shishi for account before way her husband transfer N5,000 to, and Bank don common their normal normal, to be left with N4,978 lol..

Let her spend 20yrs infront of ATM

E no go see the 5k Withdraw.. Lol

Then the next person follows.

With his Okada man jacket..

He did wuruwuru on the machine.

I was watching, a bit away.

I knew something is not wrong with the machine but the people coming to use it. Lol

Then as expected, the Oga no see money, e no see card oo.. Lol

The machine don swallow am whallai.

He called on me for help.. I see say the machine is ready for another card… Chai.

I told him, Carry your Okada go campus, UBA dey there, go lodge complain.

Then he opened up, no be me get the card, na person give me for our house to help him withdraw come.

Haaa. Sangbaa fo! (Trouble landed o)

I told him.. Go carry the person, make you both follow go the bank.

Next person pls…

About 20 people on queue but no one is ready to try because of fear of card Swallowing… Lol

Then, I slot in mine.

A perfect time I had been waiting for.

At least no one will blame me for jumping the queue. Lol

They all Watched.

Pin?.. Pam. Pam. I entered am.

Withdrawal ? Yes

N65 Transaction charge? Yes now. Damilohun, kota ma yomi ooo.

Receipt? Iwo lo mo.. Suit yourself.

I sha Pressed Yes.

How much ? N5,000 is Okay.

Make I buy pampas for Mariam.

Then I begin wait for transaction processing.

Fiam, Owode ooo. (Money is here o) Lol

Dispensed o.

Then I heard someone on the queue saying “But Ohun sise now.. Awon to n lo, lataro ni o mo lo.. ” (No Translation😂)

Then all shouted next person pls as I left for Iya Dara’s shop to chop rice before Wolewole come park all of us, because it’s environmental day here.

Ate finish, dey go my work, still see many of them on queue. May be some other clueless users are encountering problems again. Lol

I learned three lessons.

  1. When you hear people fail, don’t be quick to blame the system, they may be architect of their own misfortune.
  2. Many times, it is not the ATM that has problems, it is the users. Many forget their pins, some are sluggish to make decisions on how much to withdraw, they only think about it at that point. I know one bad ass old ECO bank ATM that will not give you money if you are not fast to punch the machine. Any lag, it will waste your time before giving you back your card.
  3. Before you quit, find out if the problem is actually not worth solving. This is for the 3 folks that left when the woman said the machine is not dispensing.


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