The Price you pay for looking for cheap things

“Se gbe’le ni? Is it heavily charged – A seller asked.

A local woman was to roof her house, she had sent for quotations from different carpenters for roofing sheets. She got many and went for the cheapest.

Then she asked the Carpenter with the cheapest workmanship where she can get the cheapest price of the roofing sheet.

Well, madam, Imran roofing sell at good and affordable price, one of the best around here and in Nigeria – The Carpenter explained.

Not satisfied, the woman having mobilized how planks would get to the site and roofing is about to commence asked the Carpenter to follow her to town to check different prices.

Worried but not discouraged, the Carpenter took the woman around three building material shops in town and eventually the stopped at Iginla. The woman still believes it will be cheaper somewhere else, a bundle of iron sheets at Ile-Ife at N26,000 must be cheap else where.

May be Ibadan, Yes, Ibadan will be fine.

She called a friend where they sell roofing sheets in Ibadan.

Go to Ogunpa Market, She was told.

Oh. I know all those best places in that market, because you need to be wise make dem no scam you oo. If no because of my work today, I would have followed you ma. – The carpenter advised.

Haa, No ooo. You must follow me oo. Please, don’t be disturbed, I will give you your daily labor work. You know all these sellers are thieves, some of them make unimaginable gains, I would never be their mugu. You see those planks, and almost everything on my site, I source them myself. One needs to be wise you know. Lol – Madam narrated!

Then, they headed for Ibadan with a rented truck.

On arriving the busy market, the Carpenter having been used to many of the sellers was greeted and welcomed to the big warehouse.

Immediately, the sales boy ask, Egbon se gbele ni abi normal? (Is it high grade or normal?) The carpenter said gbele ni oo…. (We want high grade).

Well, we sell high grade at 25,000. Normal at N23,000.

The madam asked what is wrong with the Normal?

Nothing, just the different makers – The Sales guy explained.

No be to roof house make e no leak? Please give us the N23,000 per bundle. We are buying 20 bundles.

Meanwhile, All the roofing sheets categorized are same. The grading is in pricing to charge and not in quality of the material.

When an artisan goes to a shop to buy, he buys at customers price – Mostly the last price the business shops can offer. They are stakeholders especially as businesses put their small cut when selling.

When you are not an artisan, you buy at regular or normal market price. If they sell a lamp holder to an electrician at N150, the normal price may be N200 if you go as the owner.

But if owner follows artisans, to market to price and buy, most often, what you get is high grade price unsuspectingly. A lamp holder goes to 250, and any removal depends on artisans price hackling power. Many times, artisans allow sellers to make more gain, on the stubborn owner that follows them and they come back behind to collect the little gains.

Well, the madam transferred and paid, and while the carpenter assisted in carrying them out, he requested for the seller’s fone no openly so he can call next time In case he sees no customer .

Well, It is coded! He isn’t asking for phone no but account no. Lol

He got a paper and put his account no.

Before they reached Ikire, he got transferred.

N3000 on every bundle on 20 bundles.

That’s N60,000.

The bundle price was actually 20,000.

The woman thought she bought at a better price in Ibadan at N23,000 instead of N26,000 at Ife. Lol

The carpenter got home still got paid by the woman as daily labor money.

He narrated the ordeal!

Lesson: There is a price we pay for trying not to be cheated when dealing with Nigerian Artisans. Being too wise can be costly too.


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