Survival of Jelili – A Short Movie Review by Fatai Folorunsho

In a short piece titled, “FEMI ADEBAYO: FINESSE OF THE SURVIVAL OF JELILI”, Fatai Adisa a lover of Art xtrayed the new movie by Award winning Actor – Femi Adebayo based on his experience on what he watched. Enjoy.

Drama is a genre of literature that grants its audience some forms of relaxations. It is the portrayal of fictional or non-fictional events through the performance of written dialogues.

Markedly, It being a composite interplay of literature, visual art, speech, movement and spectacle; it is the most versatile, the most social and the most physically present of all artistic productivity.

Perhaps, in the process of drama creation, various social aspects of human history are contracted and expanded in artistic reflection and refraction. In so doing, pleasure and entertainment are guaranteed as a sole purpose.

I saw the Survival Of Jelili at the cinema, in Ilorin, today. Going by what I saw, I can confidently conclude that Femi Adebayo is brilliant. He understands the technicalities and theatrics of his trades too. In a nutshell, he is a true thespian in its totality.

Aside from the fact that the play is steeped in hilarity- a comedy- it lessons one on the importance of vigilance; and that no one is inconsequential in any setting.

Vigilance, one needs to be conscious of one’s environment as the unconsciousness- of the activities of the non-teaching members of staff- of the principal and the teachers of the school where Jelili works accounted of the recurrent incubus of missing pupils in the school which went on, almost, unnoticed…

Inconsequentiality: Jelili is unschooled. He’s almost useless as he doesn’t only constitute nuisance wherever he finds himself. Rather, he also suffers from an uncontrollable release of an acrid and putrid fart- all the time. However, through the admixture of his peripateticism and love for the akara seller in the school, he helped both the school authorities and the police to nab the kidnapping syndicate that was terrorising both the school and the community.

The casting is beautiful and captivating. The movie is the point where the old dogs( The likes of the vintage Baba Wande, Yemi Sodimu, Papiluwe and, let’s say, Ojopagogo) meet with the new hounds ( Woli Agba and his recalcitrant son, dele, Seyi law etc).

Commendably, Desmond Elliot’s role of a hausa senior military officer is almost impeccable. The accent, intonations and actions are apt.

All through the movie, Femi Adebayo (Jelili) didn’t fall out of his character. He wore the funny expression on his face, throughout, as though it were his real face. The smiles and giggles too.

To me, that he deftly danced the bata dance while going into the boxing ring is an addition to the beauty of the movie. In that scene, I saw a purebred thespian.

One of the lows I saw in the movie was the way the pupils were kidnapped. I wondered how a school with a disciplined principal like Yemi sodimu would not be well secured- no gateman. As the kidnappers had no issue having their preys walked down to the car without any form of hindrances.

I love the last scene. There was dance, there was comedy, there were messages too; and , ultimately, Jelili’s fart (which he’s known for) dispersed them all.

Above all, it is a beautiful movie. I enjoyed it.

Enjoy the movie thriller here…

You can also watch his old film Kordi here.

Fatai Adisa Folorunsho is Youth Corper at Ogun State, Nigeria and a fresh graduate of English & Literary Studies from the University of Ilorin . He is also the immediate Past President of Unilorin Faculty of Arts.


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