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Ofafa – Tree Hyrax: A Beautiful Night Monster!

What that hell is screaming in that bush?

I asked my dad as a teenager, many years ago, when we just moved to our new house in a new site, that could be better referred to as an homestead in a bush. Lol.

That’s “Òfàfà” he answered.

He simply called it a bush dog in English and I had lived with this annoying familiar bush voice all my life until, I started taking interest in nature.

One white guy who visited Kenya narrated his experience that got me rolling with laughter when I read it.

I also remembered my wife asking same months back, saying “Damn, what is that like a wild animal gnashing teeth?”

I said relax, how will you know you married a farmer if you don’t listen to voices from bushes like this, and we laughed as I explained certain things to her.

On the white guy, he wrote;
“As darkness falls on the mountainous central region of Kenya, there is a sound like no other. It sounds like this: kwaa kwaa kaww..”

“Believe me, if you are walking alone in the dark African night, it’ll send chills up & down your spine! I imagined a large animal (cat perhaps?) with big claws, fangs and/or tusks. What is it really?

ofafa tree hyrax

The harmless Tree Hyrax. This cute rodent kinda’ looks like a giant guinea-pig! They’re primarily nocturnal…though they secretly enjoy sunning during the day. Tree Hyrax are found in the area around Mt. Kenya and the Aberdares, and were a common part of the night sounds around our home. We had to warn guests, though, because when they start up, it seriously sounds like someone’s being murdered…with the screams fading out into silence!”

His view sums it all about Òfàfà.

The little dude (hyrax) is not a mysterious animal you think it is, but one cute tree rodent with a weird night vocals. Lol

“Ohún laa m’òfàfà, Idi Igi laaa baa” – Through voice, you can trace a tree hyrax, and under the tree, you will most likely meet it – Says a Yoruba proverb that describes òfàfà as an animal.



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