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Nigerian Youths & Creativity: A look into online Comedy business

The Nigerian Creative Industry is unarguably a multimillion naira sector for young talents.

I have realized not long ago that Creativity knows no age, colours, religion, sex or tribe – When you churn out intellectual creative stuffs, acceptability is sure.

The industry is getting crowded no doubt but there is an audience for everyone.

I remembered when @gorosoEkiti started and I wrote about him here, the duo has grown the brand to about 20k followers on IG and the growing isn’t stopping.. They have met the State Governor in their little journey for state recognition for being the first to promote Ekiti dialect proudly as a brand on social space.

There is this Lautech small boy Classic_Jester that I love too.. I remember when he celebrated 5k followers, then it rose to 10k.. Now he has 60k followers on IG. That boy is one of the best… Especially on yahoo boys ways, and sport betting.. His biggest supporter now is Olamide, following him and reposting his videos.

I have followed Ankaragucci now @thecutebiola from his Ilorin days from backyard skits. Today, that guy makes hundreds of thousands from comedy ads for brands everyday now.. I think he has relocated from Ilorin for Lagos recently.
He got his backup since Femi Adebayo loved his skits as S.A to Gov. Abdulfattah while in Ilorin and he hasn’t looked back ever since..

Biola today doesn’t just make skits, many are now paid ads. Now he does ads for big brands like BigCola.. And he has almost 700,000 followers on IG.

@Lizzyjay OmoIbadan needs no introduction, an Ife girl turned Omo Ibadan has 1.2million Instagram followers. She’s now into movies… Ads for brands are too many.

@Twyse is an Edo boy who grew up in Ibadan and can split himself into 3 characters, acting as a family. He is the father, the mother and the children with different costumes. His Ibadan accent is evident. And makes it special. Twyse has 800k followers.

What about BrodaShaggi.. That guy has gone. With over 3.1 million viewers on IG..

And when you look at what makes these above characters to be funny, it is nothing but their environment, their accents and researches into funny things we do as a people.

As youths, we can be legit and make it.. I know it not easy but if the creativity is really there and we can find ways to market it, the sky is the starting point.

These guys have shown us that there is a social space in the creative Industry.

This is to encourage all young minds out there.

I will celebrate you one day.
Yes, you reading this.

I love Creativity!



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