How to make Small money Online in Nigeria – My Experience

“At-all-At-all”: How to make small money online – My Experience.

I have written on different ways to make your data subscription worth it on realistic ways to make money online and I will wrap it up this year on my experience for 4yrs.

I told someone, If I don’t work, I will still be making few naira online as an hustler even though I may not be rich but at all at all na something.

So, If all you want for now is “at all at all” – I will show you how I make little change by using the internet. It is a leak that I intend to put in my book “Hustling and business Ideas in Nigeria”.

OK. Enough story.

Here we go..

The story of my Internet addiction started in 2013 during my NYSC.

After going to my PPA and engaging in social and religious activities, there are actually loads of free time left for me to play with, so I accidentally use most online.

I Google…

Read free Articles I see.. Visit popular Social websites where there are rich information you may not find anywhere.

Above all, I developed the penchant for writing anything online, especially on Nairaland and Facebook.

After all, Facebook is always asking for what’s on our mind, and since I have plenty things going on in my mind, I pour them out here.

Same for Nairaland. I have initiated many to these two platforms. Lol

So, I realized that many people come to Nairaland to ask for things like the forum is another google annex itself.

Well, they may be right. Nairaland like twitter and Facebook are huge. You can get alot from there.

But I started with nairaland.

According to my research, Nland welcomes around 1000 guests every seconds.

How did I know?

I often refresh views on popular posts on front page, especially political news on weekends.

If you have 10,000 views now. If you refresh in the next 2mins, you might see 12, 000.
In short it is Africa’s biggest social platform.

So I go to Nland top page or dashboard and I click on NEW – This will give you all recent posts as soon as they post them before anyone sees it.

I look for anyone seeking for assistance. E.g Where can I get Lautech predegree form.

Because I know a lot of people that can help. I will reply such, by dropping my mail. If you are fraudulent, you won’t last on nairaland. So, you better don’t play smart and be truthful.

I will get a customer for someone. Some times, thank you, some times It’s money.

If you hustle like this everyday online, looking for solutions to people’s problem, trust me you will always have change in your pocket, especially if you are in places like Lagos.

In short I follow posts like “I need this, I need that”.

A man posted that he needed someone who can bring his trucks for packing sand to a place in Ogun state one day, I quickly messaged him.

I told 4 people in my locals who do quarry work and gave them the man’s no. I had forgot about it when one of the men came to give me N20,000. It was like a dream.

He had been working at the site with his truck for days.

Another came with N10,000 after we both finished praying in the mosque days after.

I didn’t even know how much they must have made. I don’t care.

The rest I inform didn’t get back.

I had helped countless numbers of people get things from their posts online.

A woman posted that she needed shear butter in huge quantity online. I helped her inform people around me, in hours we got a woman and I linked them. ( I mostly don’t do go-between, I link and backout. Some get back some don’t, I don’t care, such is life).

Well, the woman sent me a good sum for the business success and the old woman who supplied the stuff never stopped calling to thank me.

This was 2016.

In 2017, a man posted on a social site that he needed a fabricating machine for pressing garri on site called Wealthresult.

I chatted the man up. I took to action and I started calling people. I got a man. I visited his worksteel place in Ibadan. I took pictures and sent to the buyer.

We luckily got a deal. I got money from both ends that covered my cards, data, transport fare, and time.

Infact what I got was something that covered my monthly living expenses for 2months, such that if I’m sleeping and waking up in my room for 2 months, I won’t go hungry.

I posted the actual figure in my book. When you buy you will see. Lol

I help people promote their businesses on different sites like it is mine. I know what I’m doing, when money comes, I will also get something.

I saw an Indian on jiji who was moving back to his country in Lagos and wanted to dispose his household Items. I contacted him, and he sent me all pictures of items, his house address etc.

I took bus from Yaba Lagos to his home at Ikeja, I prayed Kurisiyu tire. Lol.. Make Oyinbo no go use me do juju.. Lol. But business is risk itself.

So he showed me around his house.. I saw for myself.. I saw typical indian house for the first time. So many Art works around his walls.

Then I went online to spread the news.

Then calls started coming.

That experience changed everything for me.. I realized people actually buy online than I thought, especially fairly used things.

His wife dressing table got me lots of calls and it was sold out quickly. His TV, Gen, Refrigerator, printer, were sold out in days.

What did I do? I told interested buyers what the price is with my little gain. I told the Indian also. So, they go to his house to pick it up.

He sends me my cut.

He has my bank account. Lol

Till today, there are some of my ads online that I still get people asking me If I still have them even after they are all sold out.

This morning, a guy still ask If I can get him a baby sheep because he saw one of my posts online. Lol! I have no baby sheep anywhere but I will get people who have many. So, that’s business.

You can link information anywhere.. I know someone here who has no car sales shop but sell lots of cars on Facebook here and make money like people going to work everyday.

I have not bought call-card for 2months now since one brother who I helped to inform people about his project research online survey recharged for me.

The N2,500 call card he sent still shows I have around N900 left. That has saved me greatly on call cards.

There are many ways to make cash online but not big money at start but gradually.

I got N3,000 for a book translation from English to Yoruba handled by a brother here. In 2 weeks we delivered. I got my cut when I was on bike. I just smiled.

So, If you are reading this, especially young .. Let me teach you something.

Get a good phone with good Camera.

Go to those Igbo boys in your town or any good business venture looking for customers.

Ask of prices of different products & services.. Take pictures, and be marketing them aggressively online.

Once you see customers, you facilitate how to buy and send.

Soon, you would have opened an online store for many local businesses.

There are thousands of street businesses begging for online presence.

Just be truthful..

If you don’t, you have killed yourself with lies.

You can post beautiful wardrobe of the furniture maker on your street online, if it is really beautiful and nice, people will call you.

You can make lots of money online and can get real deal that will turn your life around. Trust me!

I posted NDLEA Job link offer I saw online here, I know someone who applied through the link and went for the interview at Akure days ago.. I goggled past question and sent to her.

If she’s lucky to get the job and decide to buy me car, who am I not to jump up? Lol..

In my book Hustling & Business Ideas in Nigeria, that I’m putting together which are based on three things; my experience, Observation and Research, I intend to give you clues of seemingly business Ideas you can try and I’m sure most people will like it.

The book is not business plan but an expose on Ideas. You know those key points people used to carry enter exam hall during GCE exams.. Orijo! Haha! That’s it.

how to make small money online in Nigeria
Contact me on +2347063789912 if you would love to buy one

When the tales is out, you will know.

This is a parting gift for the year to come for all to work on.

Information are passing online every seconds. Start working on them.

I know 2019 is gone, 2020 is here already.

So, double up your hustle.

Join one thing with another legitimately.

You might not be rich, but surely you won’t beg!

Wishing all of us better years ahead!

Let hustling be part of your new year resolution.

You know money is important, shebi? Lol

See you all in 2020!

I appreciate everyone here.


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