5 things you need to make money easily on Social Media

Ever wondered how possible is it for you to make money from spending quality time on Social Media? Yes, it is possible to make so much money on internet especially on social media if you have got everything that will make internet money to be looking for you.

Social Media today is a powerful tool worldwide where loads of activities take place everyday. From tons of Marketing Capabilities, to thousands of daily business transactions and every minute connectivity, you can’t but admire the enormous opportunities.

Today, SM affords everyone the opportunity to chat to an old friend in different places, say like US or UK from your bedside, in a place like Ogbomoso or Eket Nigeria, whom you probably might not have seen for decades.

It is also a great avenue to attract like-minds and suddenly pick a new friend easily who can thereon become the best things to happen to you in life.

In short, Social Media without gainsaying has become a virtual home for many, who have come to socialize, to do businesses and have nothing but fun, and it is fast becoming a must be place for many.

Even when you are broke today, not being online to know what’s up is like the fastest way to die before hunger kills you. Lol

A friend even once said that the more hunger wires you, the more you want to explore the internet to see if there is any free money any where, hence you keep digging. Lol

Only God knows how much of naira that most Nigerians particularly the youth spend on Data Subscription monthly. Not bad, and nothing is too much if there is value addition, especially making money online.

So, for a start, like all businesses, you may not make so much money but not too bad to keep you from being constantly broke and with time as you grow your reach and study the social landscape, you can begin to see where exactly the money lies and how to get it. So, to make money easily, come online with these 5 things, I’m gonna mention here.

1.Creativity: According to Torrie Assai, Creativity is nothing but a mind set free and to some, it is the act of being intelligent in a funny way that resonates.

creativity is money

The first big money I got on Facebook that I will never forget was a N10,000 from an elderly friend from overseas that I met online. I have developed flair for captioning pictures in interesting ways that he has enjoyed it so much that he tagged me to a picture of a white man dancing to Yoruba Bata drum one day, and he wanted me to imagine what could be happening in the picture…

And I didn’t disappoint him. He laughed so much and called me immediately to send my account. And under less than an hour, I got N10,000 that is almost like salary of some nursery school teachers in my village without stress.

I appreciated creativity more that day and I have made lots of other thousands from this stuff.

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Go to Instagram today, there many people doing hundreds of creative stuffs to make money. There are people whose only native dialects will make you to keep watching their videos and people will start advertising with them with money because they have got millions of viewers. I can’t even start mentioning names here, you all know them.

You can mimic interesting characters like the Igbo Kastina guy acting like buhari and has become irresistible to show business makers.

In just 5 years in Nigeria, we have seen all kinds of interesting young Nigerians becoming superstars on social Media through creativity.. You can join them too by start searching online for that thing that you can do better. Lots of people are on social Media to get entertained, provide them one and get paid for that.

2. Skills: A skill is another tool for personal development that online platform can help you project in many unimaginable ways. What is that skill you have, that you are really good at? Bring it on..
Almost everything sells on the Internet. Trust me.

I will share personal experience here. Because of my background, I developed the penchant to write things that come to my mind and often in my Yoruba native language, hence I discovered I can develop a write up, and can also easily translate English words to Yoruba and vice versa and I do that often on my social space.

Then, a day came. My younger sister tagged me to a post on Instagram for an Essay writing competition on Entrepreneurship as a panacea for Economic Development in Nigeria.

I decided to give it a trial.. Researched and sent my entry. Many days after, to my surprise, my article came first among 150 entries.

I got a call from the company’s Lagos office as the winner. The price is not so huge, just a N25,000 cash award and loads of books from the CEO. I was so happy and couldn’t contain my joy.

And ever since, I never stopped digging more. I know there is more online where that is coming from. I have done so many translation jobs online from my Facebook friends that earned md nothing less than N5, 000 for a 2hrs Job and many more I gave out to friends because of time constraint on my side.

Writing is one good way to make money online, just like there are many.. I know friends who bill people not less than N100,000 for developing solid business plans.

I have people who coach others to write IELTS exams and have become gurus.

I have plumbers, drivers, Educated Mechanics, Massage Therapist, Electricians, home tilers as friends who make a living mostly from patronage of their skills from Social Media.

What’s your own excuse? Go get that skill today and bring them online to make money for yourself. You can do it too.

3. Knowledge Sharing: Social Media platforms are rich places to acquire so much knowledge for free or almost for a peanut cost. It is the only place I know where you may have a surgeon, a Veteran Lawyer, or just any top professional from noble any field of human endeavor giving you free consultancy and advice, for what you could pay for. See my experienced shared here

So there is so much respect for expert opinion on SMedia, and as such, it is very easy to secure an online business niche for yourself.

You can write books on your field and get huge money from social space that you may not have gotten if you are not online, especially if no one knows you where you live.

But online, if there is sense in your information, people won’t stop wanting to read and hear from you. Remember if you don’t have social Media space to engage people, no one will buy your knowledge, if you just a nobody.

4. Create Good Relationship: With online familiarity people easily break offline barriers, hence you can do almost anything for just a random social friend who has suddenly become part of your social space.

It is much easier to rant online today that your problem is job finding and the next thing you hear in your DM is someone asking you if you don’t mind working in so so place. As such, you get job, and you make money.

I have seen lots of people using emotional appeal online to get sympathy and they make money that they can’t ever make easily offline.

I once rant online one day, that my fone is messing up my write ups and unsuspectingly, a lady friend called me a week after and asked me to send my account because she wished to replace my phone for me. I couldn’t believe it. I rejected the offer but she insisted. Sent the account. And I got a N20,000 transfer hours later . Unbelievable.

A brother online is doing Christmas give away on Facebook and selected few friends, and I didn’t know how he thought of me, and I became a beneficiary even as a Muslim..

The gift is a sum of N20,000. That’s something in this hard time, I think.

I can’t but imagine the power of good relationship on social media.

Become somebody of what by adding value and wait as rewards follow, including monetary gains.

5 Online Business: Bill Gate, the Microsoft Billionaire said in a popular quote of his that “If your business is not the internet, then your business will soon be out of business”. Very thoughtful quote if you think about it deeply.

Business worldwide today is going digital, hence everyone must embrace it in other not to be left behind.

Okada business today is witnessing large entrance of big investors that is fast pushing the traditional okada men away in bike hailing.

Online news platforms are fast sending traditional media houses out of business.
I can’t even imagine when last I bought a newspaper, yet I read almost every top news on Nigerian dailies.

Where am I getting at? It’s simple. Bring your business online.

I asked a friend one day if he is sick to have gone to get a shop in one corner of a shopping complex.

He smiled, and said, Elu, shops are far becoming warehouses and a place to refer customers to, and not necessarily for display, if you sell a lot online..

I reasoned with him..

He sells laptops and sometimes sell far better than those in choice places in town. He has created many social media platforms for his laptops sales and get calls every hour for enquiry, buying and delivery. That’s the power of the media.

What is your own business?

Honey sales? Push it online, there are people in hospitals or on sick beds at home who are busy researching quality honey for natural care, be available for them..

Is it clothes that you are selling? Bring it on.. Most people on Social Media today don’t want to be caught with selfies on same clothes twice. Be available for their social standard and wants, by displaying on your social accounts pictures of your good clothes that they may like, so that while sleeping in your shop inside Akesan market, someone is also checking out your display pictures online to see those fabrics that poke their eyes.

If your business makes 20 stocks sales offline, the possibility of selling much more on social Media is higher, don’t dull.

Let me stop here..

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