3 Easy Ways to Sell your chickens during Festive Periods

Slaughtering of chickens are not everyday thing in most average Nigerian homes, except during yuletide seasons when merriment calls for it.

With precedents and experience, the peak periods for sales of raised chickens in Nigeria and may be in many places around the globe, especially for broilers chickens are during this December time – for Christmas and new year celebration.

Farmers nationwide are usually expectant of a time like this, to sell what they have been looking after for months, but it has been revealed that very few actually have strategies on grounds on how to sell faster or quickly.

Many a times, there are too many chickens in the markets at the same time, such that price per one drops significantly which in turn affects cost of rearing, hence many go home with very little gain after the whole farming period.

Some times, there are even many chickens that many would not be able to sell after the festive season that they would have to give out to friends and families to avoid continued feeding costs.

To help reduce farming loss and to guide, here 3 Practicable ways any livestock farmer can use to sell his or her chickens quickly.

  1. Promote & Advertise Online: With over 30 million internet users in Nigeria, internet marketing has come to help loads of business owners to create boundless awareness for their products and farmers shouldn’t be found wanting.

Like Billionaire Entrepreneur Bill Gate has said in one of his popular quotes, which says “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”, any farmer that do not have smart fone in this present age to access and explore Agricultural related business opportunities have shortchanged him or herself.
If you can sell 200 chickens conveniently in a week offline, there are greater chances that you can sell double online.
Here are ways to go about it.

Get pictures of your chickens, with price tags and spread them across social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Nairaland, etc.

You can run sponsored posts through Facebook ads and liaise with delivery channels like motor parks, and you are good to go. There are vehicles that can assist with your transportation, once you put them in well ventilated modern metal cage or local raffia made cage (Kurukuru in Yoruba)

Once this logistics are set, start looking for ways to get patronage.
Look for Social media Influencers who can get a chicken freely for advertising for you.

If an SM – Influencer with many followers say good thing about your business to their followers, the probability of you selling off your stocks in few weeks is high.

An Influential brother often helps a friend to sell his Sallah Ram yearly on Facebook and this has been going on for two to three years now. You can find influential friends and families too, they are better channel to raise sales awareness.

Join huge social groups or pages like RANTHQ, FIN, Lagos Market on social platforms like Facebook, send message to their Admins and check their advert rates. With little pay, you can sell off your chickens in days because many of these groups have over a million followers.

Follow Social Media Celebrities on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and tag along with them on your adverts. You can pre-informed those that are accessible first before putting up your advertising posts to avoid troubles. It works!
A lady selling a particular product begged Don Jazzy to help retweet her product, and as God will have it, Marvin boss did her this favour. This is better than many always begging Oga for money and ever since, this Lady’s business has expanded beyond expectations. That retweeted post keeps generating sales till today.

Market consistently on free advertising platforms like Nairaland, it is a great platform where your phone will not stop ringing from demands.
I helped an uncle to post about availability of Chiffon clothes on Nairaland in 2016 and up till this moment in 2019, I still get responses from that very post.
-Your WhatsApp groups are also interesting places to advertise your chickens, since most are friends. Don’t overlook this side too. Just be strategic.

2. Sponsored Buyers: A sponsored buyer is one who can pay conveniently for many of your chickens as either philanthropic gesture or gifts to love ones. Examples of these are politicians, business owners, etc. Every year big politicians buy thousands of chickens to be shared as “thank you gifts” to their followers and admirers.

These chickens are sourced from farmers, you can take advantage of that too. Talk to politicians around you, and develop a good proposal to that effect, showing that you can supply like 200 chickens at N3,000 per one and you can deliver to everyone’s doorstep on Christmas or new year Eve or few days to the d-day.

Put this proposal online for many to see. It doesn’t have to be lengthy, just few draw out of how you want to deliver, when you want to deliver and costs.
Apart from politicians, business owners should also be on your top priority of people to contact. Write few local companies around your vicinity, putting your proposal on why you think their employees will appreciate if chickens are given yearly to them as a gift.

Visit Schools, proprietors may buy for teachers, church may buy for members because they know many may not be able to afford one and you can easily sell in hundreds and thousands thorough these means. You can even sustain lifetime customers here that will put your yearly sales worries to rest.

If I get link to talk to 20 private business owners with at least 20 staffs like schools, hospitals, mobile retail shops, hotel owners, government offices, and more, I can easily sell between 500 to 1000 birds without stress by putting call across.
You can ask like “Sir, when do you want your staff to have their end of the year chicken gifts? “

You may get response like bring it on so so date and you get your alert on delivery. No easy sales can beat this, you have just turned to a supplier.

3. Outdoor Sales: When it is two weeks to the end of the year like 15th of December. Start looking for strategic locations in town to get a stands where you can easily display your chickens daily. Find partners too who can also help you stay in other stations or points in the same town and give them commission on each sales they make.

This is the traditional way many farmers use. Look for places like big church main gate, busy areas in town, market etc. You can also make a little audio recording on your fone where you advertise your chickens in few seconds and can be on replay while you project it through megaphone or Public address system which you may rent or borrow. You can also add side attractions like playing trending songs to reflect the festive moment. With time, people will start stopping by to see what you are selling. Just add some little innovation and you will get appeal. In weeks, you would have gotten a reason sales patronage that will put smiles on your face.

Wishing all farmers, a good sales outing this year. Do you find this piece in anyway helpful? If so, Share with friends and neighbors who you know are presently raising chickens for money this year and that might find this useful. Your comments will also be appreciated.

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